Oral Surgeon Wisdom TeethIf your family dentist has told you that your wisdom teeth have to come out, you have most likely been referred to an oral surgeon. You may be tempted to ask your dentist to perform the extraction because they make you comfortable or because you fear the word “surgery.” There are many benefits, however, to seeing a surgeon who specializes in this field. A general dentist can pull a tooth at times, but wisdom tooth extraction can often be a more complicated process.

Consider these reasons to go to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal.

  • Anesthesia. You will likely need general anesthesia or some other form of sedation when your oral surgeon removes your wisdom teeth. Oral surgeons are trained extensively in anesthesia administration, and you will be much more comfortable during the procedure. Like many others, if you experience anxiety about dental work, you will benefit from the sedation.
  • Oral surgeons are specifically trained to handle complex dental procedures. After graduating from dental school, budding oral surgeons spend at least four years in their surgical residencies. They undergo training regarding the muscles, bones, and skin surrounding the face, jaws, and mouth. They perform these surgeries every day and are better equipped to safely extract your teeth in a way that will heal more quickly.
  • Your wisdom tooth extraction may involve issues that a general dentist doesn’t often deal with, such as nerve injury, bleeding, maxillary sinus issues, and infection. Unfortunately, this is not a comforting thought, but it results from the fact that this procedure is more delicate than those typically performed at your dentist’s office. Oral surgeons, however, are experienced in handling these issues and any risk associated with the surgery.
  • Other possible issues. There are some other health issues that may affect your wisdom tooth extraction. These may include diseases like diabetes or wisdom teeth that are impacted or abscessed. Once again, oral surgeons are the most well-equipped doctors to handle these complex circumstances in a safe and healthy manner.

If you face wisdom tooth extraction, your family dentist may offer to do the procedure in their office, but many don’t even handle this work. However, you can take comfort in knowing that a trusted oral surgeon can safely and effectively handle the job in an environment where you will feel comfortable and at ease. If you are looking for an oral surgeon in the Nashville area, reach out to OMSNashville at today.

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