Oral Care Covid NashvilleWhile pandemic guidelines are continually being updated as we learn new information, it’s generally considered safest to stay home as much as possible. As a result, you might be wondering if keeping your dental care appointment or scheduling oral surgery is the right move for your health.

Prioritize Your Dental Health

Unfortunately, going too long without regular dental care can be hazardous to your health as well. People who skip dental checkups regularly can develop a myriad of health problems later in life, some of which can be extremely painful and expensive to address. Potential risks include some of your teeth decaying or falling out over time, the development of gum disease, and higher chances of oral cancer.

Delaying necessary oral surgery is even more dangerous. Oral surgery is scheduled when a surgeon must intervene to prevent further damage or pain. If your condition worsens, you could be facing a much more complicated, longer-lasting process of recovery. You also open yourself up to the possibility of infection, which could lead to all sorts of health complications.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has always stated that oral surgery and urgent dental care should continue to take place, current recommendations are that non-urgent visits can resume as well, so long as your dentist approves them and that appropriate precautions are being taken on site. So, what does that mean for you?

COVID-19 Precautions in Place at OMSNashville

To protect the health of our patients, OMSNashville has adopted a variety of safety protocols. These ensure that we can continue operating and getting you the attention that you need, while still being mindful of minimizing infection.

1) Masks required: For your safety and the safety of others, we ask that all our patients wear a mask when visiting the office in person.

2) No visitors: To keep the number of people in the building at a minimum, we ask that anyone besides the patient wait outside in the car. Only patients should be entering the office. This does not include legal guardians accompanying patients younger than 18.

3) Socially distant seating: All the seating in the waiting area has been moved to allow patients to be socially distant while waiting to be called in. Given that there is limited space, if the room is full, we ask that you wait in your vehicle. We will call you as soon as it is time for your appointment.

4) Temperature checks and screening questions: Before patients can go back into an operatory, we will be checking their temperatures and asking all patients COVID-19 screening questions prior to their appointment. That way, we can ensure that we are reducing the possibility of infection in our offices. If you are currently running a fever, exhibiting other symptoms of COVID, or have been exposed to COVID within the last two weeks, we ask that you stay at home. We would be more than happy to help you find a new date for your appointment that works for your schedule.

It’s important not forget about your long-term health as well as your short-term health. For additional questions, please contact us at (615) 822-8403.

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