OralSurgeyQuestions-768x512Oral surgery can be overwhelming. Whether you’re scheduled for your very first oral surgery, or you’ve undergone oral surgery before, you probably have several pressing questions for your oral surgeon.

While each procedure is unique, the following are common questions most patients ask their surgeons.

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Will It Hurt?

Your oral surgery team will give you the exact anesthetics to either completely numb the area or sedate you during your surgery. If you’re worried about pain during the procedure, discuss your anesthesia preferences and needs with your oral surgeon ahead of time. The surgical team will customize your visit to help you be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. After your surgery, however, you may experience some pain, soreness, and swelling in the area.

Do I Need to Be Under Anesthesia?

If you have qualms about being under anesthesia during a procedure, discuss your other options with your oral surgeon. It may be possible to only use a local anesthetic to numb the area instead of general anesthesia. The opposite is also true – if you would prefer to be sedated during your procedure, ask your surgeon if this is an option.

How Many of These Procedures Have You Performed?

Before you say yes to an oral surgery, find out how many of the same or similar procedures your surgeon has performed on other patients. Choose a surgeon with the experience and knowledge you need to feel comfortable and confident in your choice. If you have concerns about the experience level of your team, make them known to the doctor.

Should I use and Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Most likely. Removing the wisdom teeth might be one of the most common oral procedures, but that doesn’t make it any less serious for patients. Removing wisdom teeth may require cutting into the gum tissue and even removing some adjacent bone. It is generally in a patient’s best interest to choose an oral surgeon for this procedure.

What Will Recovery Look Like?

Oral surgery might sound scary, but most procedures are fast, simple, and effective. You will, however, want to ask your oral surgeon what to expect during the recovery process. The staff or the surgeon will inform you about how many days you’ll need to take off work, what you will be able to eat, and the post-op pain level you can expect.

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