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Chemical peel treatments are another excellent non-surgical treatment for the improvement of facial skin complexion. Dull and uneven complexion as well as the fine lines of aging can diminish the softness and vibrancy of facial skin. Chemical peels can vary on their depth of penetration and mechanism of action. The majority of superficial and medium depth peels are keratinolytics which interrupt the adhesion of the skin’s keratin cells and act as an exfoliant. These are mainly used for the improvement of skin roughness, very fine lines, acne control, & mild pigmentation disorders. Deeper peels work by denaturing and coagulating proteins to induce new layers of the dermal complex. These peels are more aggressive, more uncomfortable, have a longer recovery, and have a narrower safety margin.

Our medical-grade, medium-depth peel system will help soften creases, smooth, depigmentation, and improve complexion to provide a more youthful appearance. Often times a series of multiple treatments is required for maximal results.

Who is a Candidate for Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a safe and effective treatment for most patients. It is safest for patients with lighter skin tones but can still be very safe and effective for patients of darker tones. Patients with darker skin tones must have higher caution with the depth and frequency of chemical peels. Patients with active acne breakouts, skin infections or disorders, immune disorders, to those with a history of Accutane use are not good candidates for chemical peel treatments. Your OMS Nashville doctor will evaluate you and determine if you are a good candidate for a chemical peel.

What to Expect

Your OMS Nashville surgeon will evaluate your area of concern, review your medical history, and discuss the recommended treatment for your particular areas of concern. During treatment, the skin will be cleaned and the chemical peel applied. A mild burning or itching sensation may be noticed which usually only lasts for several minutes. You can expect your facial skin to feel tight and look and feel similar to a sunburn for several days after. The peak of peeling will occur between days 2-4 after treatment. It is important that you stay out of the sun and avoid touching, peeling, or picking at your face. After care and home hygiene instructions will be given with home care products at the time of your treatment.

After Treatment

After a chemical treatment, patients are instructed to leave the peel in place for approximately 4 hours before washing the face with a mild cleanser. We recommend using a mild facial cleanser such as Cetaphil or CeraVe and follow the aftercare instructions and products given at the appointment. Patients can expect their skin to be red, tight, and possibly itchy; similar to a sunburn. It is recommended that you avoid heavy exercise, pools, saunas, or hot tubs for approximately 1 week after treatment and direct sun exposure for several weeks. You can expect the majority of peeling to occur during days 2-4 after treatment. A series of 3-6 treatments spaced 8 weeks apart are recommended for optimum results.

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