Soft-Foods-Oral-Surgery-768x512After going through any type of surgery, it’s important to follow the appropriate post-surgery procedures to recover. Sometimes, you may have to adjust your lifestyle. After an oral surgery, like wisdom teeth removal, you have the added complication of needing to adjust the foods you eat until your mouth can handle your regular diet.

To help the Nashville community make the most of a menu post oral surgery, consider these recommended foods.


Applesauce is a great post-surgery meal, because it doesn’t take any effort to chew. Additionally, it has a lot of vital nutrients, like vitamin C and dietary fiber. Homemade applesauce can help you avoid high levels of sugar often found in store-bought varieties.

Blended Soups

Soups are only good to eat post-surgery if they’re blended or broth-based; otherwise, you might irritate the surgical area and risk an infection from bits of food lodging in the wound. Soups are excellent for getting your daily doses of minerals and vitamins while you have limited food options. They can also help you stay hydrated. It’s best to avoid piping-hot soup, however, as high temperatures can also cause irritation.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt provides lots of protein, which is otherwise hard to come across when you can’t east solid foods. Protein can help promote the healing process. You’ll also find calcium and zinc in yogurt, plus the variety of flavors can make it easier to avoid feeling bored by eating the same foods repeatedly post-surgery.


Smoothies may seem like a sneaky treat to have during recovery, but they are actually a great source of nutrition, too! There are plenty of recipes out there that make use of fruits and vegetables. You can even use supplement and protein powders to add much-needed nutrients. Just be sure to drink directly from the cup, as drinking from a straw can disrupt healing.

Ice Cream

Who would say no to an excuse to eat ice cream? Post oral surgery, the cool temperature of ice cream can help sooth any inflamed tissue, ease pain, and promote healing. Soft-serve ice cream is best, as it’s easier to eat. Try to avoid flavors with chunks, like mint chocolate chip and rocky road, until your affected area has healed.

Having oral surgery may impact your dietary choices, but there are still plenty of foods you can eat. Pay attention to your diet, and you’ll make it through recovery

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