Oral-Trauma-Nashville-TN-768x492Facial trauma can be broadly defined as any injury that causes significant damage to the structures of the face including the jaw, teeth and gums. These injuries can be either soft tissue injuries, which damage the skin or gums, or bone injuries, the result of breaks or fractures.

Below is a look at the most common causes of facial trauma, and what can be done by oral surgeons to repair the damage done to the face and mouth.

Common Causes Of Facial Trauma

The following issues are all common causes of facial trauma.

  • Sports-related injuries – A hard hit in a contact sport or a fall in a sport like gymnastics or cheerleading can all lead to facial trauma.
  • Car accident – Despite advances in airbags, car accidents are still leading causes of facial trauma in the United States.
  • Slip and fall – A severe slip and fall can lead to serious oral and facial injuries.
  • Work-related injuries – A fall on the job, getting hit with a piece of construction equipment being injured by debris and other workplace-related injuries are common causes of facial trauma.
  • Interpersonal violence/assault – Domestic violence, mugging, and other types of assault and interpersonal violence can result in serious facial trauma.

What Can Be Done About Facial Trauma?

Depending on the extent of facial trauma, a number of different treatments may be needed to repair the damage by a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, as well as reconstructive (plastic) surgeons.

  • Jaw surgery – Jaw surgery may be required to repair a broken or fractured jaw, and restore the function and health of the joints, tendons, and ligaments of the jaw after serious facial trauma.
  • Tooth replacement with dental implants – Knocked-out teeth will typically be replaced with dental implants. Individual teeth may be replaced, multiple teeth may be replaced, or the entire upper, lower or both arches of teeth can be replaced with dental implants.
  • Reconstructive surgery – Reconstructive surgery from a plastic surgeon may also be required to repair additional parts of the face after major facial trauma.

Naturally, the required treatments will vary dramatically based on the extent of an individual patient’s facial trauma, since each case is different.

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