Pam Lyons
Practice Administrator

As Practice Administrator, Pam Lyons uses her twenty seven years of experience with our office when making decisions regarding the practice. She is dedicated to overseeing a very efficient practice whose purpose is to provide the ultimate care for every patient.

Katie Shea
Marketing and Professional Relations Director

Katie is our liaison between our oral surgery practice and referring dental offices. She is responsible for the marketing and public relations aspect of the practice, including continuing education seminars, social events, and other educational activities.

e-mail to: Katie Shea

LeeAnn Bristol & Natalie Chunn
Implant Coordinators

Dental implants continue to be more accepted as the standard of care when a patient loses a natural tooth. LeeAnn & Natalie work as implant coordinators for our office to assure that each implant patient understands the implant process. They work closely with the oral surgeon, general dentist, and patient to provide every implant patient with optimal results following implant surgery.

e-mail to: LeeAnn Bristol – or – Natalie Chunn

Kristina Howard
Hospital/Surgery Coordinator

As Hospital/Surgery Coordinator, Kristina Howard is a patient advocate in getting approval on needed hospital surgical cases. She works closely with our oral surgeons to provide the insurance companies with essential clinical information to obtain maximum insurance benefits for our patients.

e-mail to: Kristina Howard

Insurance Coordinators

In an effort to provide our patients with the most thorough and personal service while in our care, each of the doctors at Oral Surgery Associates has an insurance coordinator who handles their patient accounts exclusively. This provides you, the patient, with a business office contact who is familiar with your case and available to assist with the financial aspects of your treatment plan.

Please contact one of the following insurance coordinators with any questions that you may have:

Abbey Siske
Dr. Burchfield

Katelyn Warrick
Dr. Richardson

Leah Ward
Dr. McLeod

Debby Worrell
Dr. Shea

Jaime Peña
Dr. West

Katie Allingham
Dr. Hamilton

Ashley Bradshaw
Dr. Wicke